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What If Your Records Won’t “Cut It” in Court?

Recent rulings in US Federal Circuit Court make it clear: your electronic records might not be allowed into evidence unless you can prove their integrity… and “securing the perimeter” isn’t good enough anymore.


In a recent federal case involving American Express as plaintiff, the judge ruled that the company couldn't admit its own electronic records as evidence unless they could demonstrate their authenticity. Amex tried and failed three times to demonstrate the authenticity of their electronic records — and lost.


Our patented ProofMark™ Transient Key℠ technology fortifies high-value electronic records and enables them to withstand the modern authenticity challenges that arise during regulatory audits and legal disputes. ProofMark mitigates risk and reduces legal exposure by proving that your electronic business records are authentic.

ProofSpace technologies simplify security architectures and substantially alleviate insider threats. We can cryptographically strengthen any forensic, audit or legal discovery trail, and prove the ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘who’ of any digital event. By removing any ambiguity around the authenticity of your records, ProofSpace technologies, like ProofMark, save time and money during the e-discovery period. Our systems help you detect and deter malicious behavior and substantiate your firm’s good conduct to regulators and courts of law.

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