ProofMark Transient Key℠ Technology -

Data Authentication

Data Authentication
In ProofMark’s Transient Key system, each time interval generates its own RSA key pair. As records are stored, they are signed by the active time interval’s RSA private key. When an interval is about to expire, it signs the new interval’s RSA public key; the new keypair goes “on duty” and the old private key is destroyed.

  • Provides self-validating proof of time with
    cryptographic tamper detection
  • No secrets to protect, since private
    keys are destroyed
  • Cryptographically strong chain of events
    which is virtually impossible to alter after
    the fact
  • Needs no outside certification
  • Provides irrefutable proof of records authenticity that will stand up in a court of law.
  • Dramatically simplifies the process of authenticating your business records during e-Discovery, resulting in lower legal and forensics costs.
  • Enables compliance with national standards and specifications including the ANSI X9.95-2005 specification for Trusted Time Stamp Management and Security, SEC Rule 17a-4(f) for electronic storage of broker-dealer records (pending), HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Your ability to prove data authenticity isn’t tied to a specific piece of hardware, media or local polices: your archives become portable. ProofMarks move with your data, wherever you decide to store it in the future.
  • Ensures the persistent authenticity of records throughout their lifecycle, regardless of where they are stored or in whose custody they are in.
  • Virtually eliminates archive integrity threats from insiders, because changes can be immediately detected.
  • No third-party dependency on expensive external Certification Authorities.

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